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Why Nordavind DC Sites?

Shovel-ready building sites for carbon neutral data centers

Nordavind Data Center Sites offers shovel-ready carbon neutral data center sites for medium-sized and hyperscale data centers. We deliver access to inexpensive and renewable hydropower for data-dependent companies.

Industrial data centers are becoming increasingly important infrastructure for local and international IT companies. In total, they consume between 1 to 3 per cent of the world’s electricity.

Globally, most data centres get their electricity from the main grid, meaning that they are often powered by coal, gas or oil. For this reason, it is estimated that the annual emissions from the world’s data centers equal roughly those of the entire airline industry.

Data center sites powered by nature

By establishing a data center in Norway, where the power supply is nearly 100 per cent renewable, data-dependent companies can greatly reduce or eliminate carbon emissions.

Nordavind Data Center Sites offers shovel-ready data center sites in Innlandet county, which is strategically situated between Oslo and Trondheim. The non-profit company is a joint venture between local municipalities, power companies, grid operators and fibre network operators. This ensures that the necessary infrastructure for building medium-sized and hyperscale data centers is in place.

Nordavind Data Centers provides dark fibre capacity to both Stockholm and Oslo, and is poised to build a new subsea fibre optic cable between Trondheim and the existing landing station in Killala Bay, Ireland. This will provide a redundant, low-latency connection to the US.

Concrete benefits

Data centers based in Norway benefit from stable political and economic conditions, as well as wholesale electricity prices among the lowest in Europe. Additionally, the cold climate ensures efficient cooling and low power consumption.

Most of the 12 sites available from Nordavind are placed in areas dominated by flat terraces built up of sand and gravel, which can reduce construction costs. Moreover, this part of Norway is less susceptible to extreme weather, winds, flooding, landslides and other natural disasters.

At some of the sites, excess heat from the data centers can be reused to heat nearby industry and homes.

Market potential

As more and more governments, shareholders and customers call for greener computing solutions, the demand for data centers run on green power will continue to rise for years to come.

The number of data centers worldwide has grown from 500 000 in 2012 to more than 8 million today. The global data center energy demand is expected to double every four years. Meanwhile, the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT and big data analytics will lead to a near exponential growth in the demand for computing power.

Excellent access to fibre connections to Europe and the US, combined with sites large enough for high-performance computing centers, means that Nordavind can cater to large companies on a global scale.

In short:

Carbon neutral


  • The sites are shielded from natural hazards such as extreme rainfall, flooding, high winds, landslides etc.
  • Secure electricity supply: both national and regional production combine to support up to 200 MW of electricity
  • Independent, international feeds of dark fiber can be provided at all sites.
  • Empowered and well educated work force in stable societies


  • Cold climate (yearly average temperature in Inland Norway is 1,2 – 4,2 °C) provides efficient cooling and low power consumption.
  • Employer’s contribution to the National Insurance Scheme at only 6.4 % for the northern sites compared to 14.1 % in more central regions of Norway. This saves approximately USD 4750 per employee every year.
  • Significant surplus of hydropower provides the lowest, long term electricity prices in the Nordics.


  • Southern sites: From 45 min to Oslo International Airport, and near the cities of Hamar, Lillehammer, Gjøvik and Elverum.
  • Northern sites: Large, low cost.
  • Nordavind is established as a dedicated, professional provider of locations for DC operators. All sites are regulated/zoned and controlled by us
  • We can answer all questions and facilitate any operational aspect that requires local knowledge, from technical issues to taxes.

The Nordic countries

The Nordic countries cluster near the top in numerous metrics of national performance.

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Norway offers a unique, sustainable solution presenting a 97 % share of renewables in its power production.

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Inland Norway

Inland Norway has modern roads, railways, airports and a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network and power grid.

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Arild Løvik, Site development director

Our DC sites

Site: Lalm

Site for power intense activity.

Site: Rudshøgda sør

Easy deforestation, central in the Mjøsa region.

Site: Slomarka

Relativly flat and suited for construction, close to OSL

Site: Tronbøl

Close to OSL and river

Site: Plassen

Central, but rural location.

Site: Grundsetmoen

Large site with access to four independent international dark fibers, and with potential for better grid capacity and connectivity. Good opportunities for re-using excess heat!

Site: Krabyskogen

Close to Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and one of the largest academic information and cyber security environments in Europe.

Site: Hagen

A former gravel pit with 100 MW on site and 4 dark fiber providers located near a large river.

Site: Grue Industry Park

Big site on river depositions with good connectivity. Industrial zoning ready for construction.

Site: Heggvin

Big site with potential for power supply up to 200 MW with three different providers of dark fiber.

Site: Åkrestrømmen

Spacious site on a glaciofluvial plain. Power supply up to 100 MW.

Site: Tylldalen

Spacious site. Power supply up to 100 MW.