Østre Toten


Krabyskogen, Østre Toten data center sites

Quite big, central site in rural area. Good base for power expansion.

Short term capacity
9 MW
Long term capacity
50 MW
Site area - Greenfield
80.000 m2

About Østre Toten

Østre Toten is 20 km from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and one of the largest academic information and cyber security environments in Europe, as well as SINTEF Manufacturing and NCE Raufoss industrial cluster. Read more


  • Address: Krabyskogen næringsområde, Østre Toten municipality, Norway
  • Coordinates: 60°39’07.1″ N 10°52’43.3″ E
  • Map: https://goo.gl/maps/vUKPEGc8VFJ2
  • Surroundings: Forest
  • Owned by: Private landowner


  • Site area: 80.000 m2. 1.000,000 m2 (1000 ha) Q2 2023
  • Topography: Flat
  • Type of site: Greenfield
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Utilization: 90%
  • Construction: Easy deforestation, due to thin soil. Flat and a little hilly and well suited for construction.


  • Short term potential: (<6 months): 9 MW
  • Mid term potential (18-24 months): 15 MW
  • Long term potential (60> months): 50 MW*
  • Grid: 132 kV

*Necessary 300 kV with line/cable to the desired location. Estimated time 5 – 10 years (investigate + implement).

Transformer 145 kV at site. For more information regarding electricity and grid capacity contact us. All infrastructure upgrades is required to comply with Norwegian regulation processes.


  • Dark fiber: Two independent international feeds with possibility for one more
  • Operators: Eidsiva, Telenor, GlobalConnect
  • Connect EU: Østre Toten is close to GlobalConnect main fiber routes going towards Oslo, Stockholm and mainland Europe. Possibilities to connect to major international operators in Oslo / Stockholm.


  • Regulations: Regulated for industry. Ordinary building permits are required
  • Zoning: Zoned for industrial purposes.
  • Road: Yes, on site
  • Water/Sanitary: Yes, on site. New water/ sanitary at customer needs
  • Cooling water: Yes, a big river 400 meters from site.


  • Highway: 3500 meters from RV 33 (main road to Oslo/Trondheim)
  • Access: Existing road access to the site
  • Int. airport: OSL Gardermoen, 60 min, 80 km
  • Train: Gjøvik station (train to Oslo), 20 km away
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