The climate

Annual mean temperatures in the headlines for each site refers to annual mean temperatures 1981 – 2010. Source: Norwegian Meteorological Institute,


The graph (source: shows long-term statistics for yearly temperature and precipitation for the inland Norway.

Temperature: The dots indicate average yearly temperature. The line is a 10-year Gaussian distribution. The mean (see explanation above) is drawn as a thick horizontal line.

Precipitation: The blue bars at the bottom of the graph indicate the average yearly precipitation compared to the mean — which is drawn as a thick line through the bars. The line is a 10-year Gaussian distribution.


To see site relevant weather statistics for the last 12 months, please refer to the links in the Climate statistics-section on this page.


Our data center sites

Site: Elverum

A former gravel pit with 100 MW on site and 4 dark fiber providers located near a large river.

Site: Grue

Big site on river depositions with good connectivity. Industrial zoning ready for construction.

Site: Hamar

Big site with potential for power supply up to 200 MW with three different providers of dark fiber.

Site: Rendalen

Spacious site on a glaciofluvial plain. Power supply up to 300 MW.

Site: Sør-Odal

Big site on river depositions with good connectivity and industrial zoning ready for construction

Site: Tynset

Spacious site. Power supply up to 200 MW.