About Nordavind Data Center Sites

The purpose of Nordavind DC Sites AS is to ease investment in sustainable data centers. Our data center sites are located in the eastern part of Norway in Innlandet county. The DC development company is a joint venture. Power suppliers, fibre providers, local government and landowners join forces to offer the best possible locations for data centers. Our ambition is to be a single contact point for our customers.

Nordavind Data Center Sites offers shovel-ready sites for medium-sized and hyperscale data centers. We deliver access to inexpensive and renewable hydropower for data-dependent companies. As a result we provide them with the best data center sites in Norway.

Our owners

Eidsiva Vekst AS, Nord-Østerdal Kraftlag SA, Elverum energi AS and the municipalities of Alvdal, Tynset, Rendalen, Hamar, Elverum, Grue, Sør-Odal, Ringsaker, Østre Toten and Vågå are the owners of Nordavind DC Sites AS.

Eidsiva Vekst AS represents Eidsiva Energi AS and Eidsiva bredbånd. Eidsiva Energi AS is the regional power and utility company. Eidsiva bredbånd which is the major fibre provider in the eastern part of Norway. Eidsiva operates 44 production sites and provides grid facilities to around 150 000 households. This is accomplished through 22 000 kilometres of grid infrastructure. They also has one of the largest regional fibre networks in Eastern Norway, including several existing border crossings to Sweden (24 and 48 pair). With our partner, Easyfibre, we provide direct connections to Northern Germany.

The municipalities have secured the rights from the landowners to use the locations. Close relationship with the local government is essential to providing insight concerning regulations, taxes and more. As a result, we are able to expedite the planning and building processes.

Nord-Østerdal Kraftlag SA and Elverum energi AS are local/ regional grid providers and power producers.

Our philosophy is to be the single point of contact you need to assess and establish data centers in the eastern part of Norway. We represent experience in power, grid, fibre, land, construction, regulations, taxes and necessary applications to build and operate sustainable data centers.


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