Tynset data center site

Spacious site with potential for power supply up to 100 MW. Two independent international feeds of dark fiber can be provided.

On-site capacity
25 MW
Site area - Greenfield
1.000.000 m2
Annual mean
1,2°C / 34,1°F

About the area

20 km from Tynset, the centre of the Nord-Østerdal region, with all the services of a regional center.

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  • Address Tylldalen, Tynset, Norway
  • Coordinates 62°04’22.9″N 10°50’47.7″E – EU89, UTM-zone 33
  • Map https://goo.gl/maps/aABKTLfjUWF2
  • Surroundings Mountain, forest
  • Owned by Nordavind DC Sites/ Tynset municipality, through agreements


  • Site area 1,000,000 m2 (100 ha), greenfield
  • Topography Flat, max elevation 10 meters, 396 meters above sea level
  • Type of site Granite gravel and rocks
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Utilization 60% – equal to 600,000 m2 or 60 ha, based on roofed area
  • Construction Extremely easy deforestation, due to thin soil. The granite gravel ground is flat and well suited for construction.


  • Capacity within 1 month 1 MW
  • Capacity within 12 months 25 MW
  • Long term potential (36 months) 100 MW
  • Grid 132 kV passing by site
    132 kV line passing by site
  • Local hydro production capacity From Rendalen/ south 90 MW, from Savalen/north 175 MW (the latter only partly controlled by Nordavind/ Eidsiva)

For more information regarding electricity and grid capacity contact us.


  • Fiber within 1 month 1 Gb/s (Eidsiva)
  • Fiber within 6 months Dark fiber 1 feed (Eidsiva)
  • Fiber within 1 year Dark fiber 2 feeds (Eidsiva). Telenor can probably also deliver dark fiber.
  • Operators Eidsiva broadband and Telenor
  • Connect EU Tylldalen is very close to the Swedish border with connections directly to major international operators in Sweden as well as international connection through Oslo


  • Regulations Regulated for data center use and industry. Ordinary building permits are required
  • Zoning Industrial zoning, ready for construction
  • Water Yes, on site
  • Sanitary Yes, on site


  • Highway RV 30 passing by site, 23 km from RV 3 (main road Oslo – Trondheim)
  • Access Existing road access to the site
  • Int. airport OSL Gardermoen, 3 h 30 min, 260 km
  • National Airport Røros, 68 minutes, 76 km
  • Local airport Tynset, 25 minutes, 22 km (small, private aircraft only)

Our DC sites

Site: Plassen

Central, but rural location.

Site: Grundsetmoen

Large site with great connectivity, and potential for significant short term improvement in grid capacity.

Site: Hagen

A former gravel pit with 100 MW on site and 4 dark fiber providers located near a large river.

Site: Kirkenær

Big site on river depositions with good connectivity. Industrial zoning ready for construction.

Site: Heggvin

Big site with potential for power supply up to 200 MW with three different providers of dark fiber.

Site: Åkrestrømmen

Spacious site on a glaciofluvial plain. Power supply up to 100 MW.

Site: Sander

Big site on river depositions with good connectivity and industrial zoning ready for construction

Site: Tylldalen

Spacious site. Power supply up to 100 MW.