Heggvin data center site, Hamar

The Heggvin data center site has been sold.

Big site with potential for power supply up to 300 MW with three different providers of dark fiber. Close to main road.

Short term capacity
0 MW
Long term capacity
300 MW
Site area - Greenfield
1.480.000 m2

About Hamar

Hamar (31.000 inhabitants) is the administrative centre of Hedmark county and a part of the Mjøsa City Region with 180 000 inhabitants. Strong environment for bio technology and game development. Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. The industrial clusters of Cyber Security and Manufacturing at Gjøvik/ Raufoss is within 1 hours travel. Read more


  • Address Heggvin/Vang Trafo, Arnsetvegen, Hamar, Norway
  • Coordinates (N) 60.841118810548664 (E) 11.269668103050207
  • Map https://goo.gl/bpNMDJ
  • Surroundings Forest, naturally levelled
  • Owned by Hamar municipality, through agreements


  • Site area 1.480.000 m2 (148 ha), greenfield.
  • Topography Flat, 270 meters above sea level
  • Type of site Wood and grassland. Granite gravel (moraine)
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Utilization 60 % – based on roofed area
  • Construction Easy deforestation. The granite gravel ground is flat and well suited for construction.


  • Within 3 months  –
  • Within 18 months 150 MW
  • Long term potential (36 – 60 months) 300 MW
  • Grid 300 kV TSO passing by site

Must establish infrastructure to nearby trafo (Vang trafo, 300 kV TSO/central grid, distance 200 meters)

For more information regarding electricity and grid capacity contact us. All infrastructure upgrades is required to comply with Norwegian regulation processes.


  • Dark fiber Three independent international feeds can be provided.
  • Operators Eidsiva bredbånd (on site), GlobalConect (on site), Telenor (max 5 km from site)
  • Connection to EU Hamar is close to the Swedish border with connections directly to major international operators in Sweden, as well as international connection through Oslo.


  • Regulations Ongoing regulation to datacenter use and industry. Expected ready Q3-2021
  • Zoning Industrial zoning ready for construction
  • Water/Sanitary Yes, on site – new water/ sanitary at customer needs
  • Building height: There are no restrictions to building height


  • Highway 1 km from RV 25, 12 km from E6 (main road from southern to northern Norway). 3 km from exit, planned motorway
  • Access Existing road access to the site
  • Int. airport OSL Gardermoen, 60 min, 90 km. New four lane motorway in 2020.
  • Local airport Hamar, 20 min, 14 km
  • Train Hamar st, Dovrebanen, 14 km away
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