Hagen data center site, Elverum

Greenfield site with access to 4 different dark fiber providers. Ongoing upgrading of grid capacity in the area. The site is a former gravel pit with nearby industrial activity, surrounded by forest and a river. Easy deforestation and gravel ground readily suited for construction. Possibilities for expansion in 3-5 years.

Short term capacity
14 MW
Long term capacity
100 MW
Site area - Greenfield
70.000 m2

About Elverum

Elverum (21.000 inhabitants) has a regional hospital, a University college and a base for the Norwegian Army. Industry mainly based on wood and food. 30 km from the city of Hamar.


  • Address Elverum, Hedmark, Norway
  • Coordinates 60°49’48.8″N 11°36’01.5″E
  • Map https://goo.gl/maps/p8EngQyJEU72
  • Surroundings Fluvial plane. The site is a former gravel pit, surrounded by forest and a river
  • Owned by Hagen Industrial Park – private owner


  • Site area 70,000 m2 (70 da) greenfield. Possibilities for expansion.
  • Topography Flat, max elevation 10 meters, 197 meters above sea level
  • Type of site Gravel (fluvial deposits)
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Utilization 70%, equal to 140,000 m2 or 1,4 ha, based on roofed area
  • Construction Extremely easy deforestation, due to thin soil. The gravel ground is relatively flat and well suited for construction.


  • Capacity within 3 months 14 MW
  • Capacity within 14 months 50 MW
  • Long term potential (36 months) 100 MW (N-1) with upgraded infrastructure
  • Grid 132 kV. A transformer station is located next to the site.

For more information regarding electricity and grid capacity contact us. All infrastructure upgrades is required to comply with Norwegian regulation processes.


  • Dark fiber Four independent international feeds with possibility for two more.
  • Operators All major Norwegian operators (Eidsiva, Telenor, Broadnet)
  • Connection to EU Elverum’s proximity to the Swedish border gives possibilities to connect to major international operators in Stockholm, as well as international connections through Oslo.


  • Regulations Regulated for industry use. Neighbouring gravel extraction (200 da) may give possibilities for expansion. Ordinary building permits are required.
  • Zoning Industrial zoning for industry use
  • Road Yes, on site
  • Water/Sanitary Yes, on site – new water/ sanitary at customer needs
  • Cooling water Yes, a river 500 meter from site, exit water from hydro station


  • Highway 1 km from RV 2, 8 km from RV 3 (main road Elverum – Oslo)
  • Access Existing road access to the site
  • Int. airport OSL Gardermoen, 80 min, 110 km. New four lane motorway from Elverum 2020.
  • Train Elverum station (train to Oslo), 8 km away