Åkrestrømmen data center site, Rendalen

Spacious site on a glaciofluvial plain by the small town Åkrestrømmen on the north shore of the deep Lake Storsjøen. Project for utilization of warm cooling water to aquaculture soon to be launched.

Short term capacity
1 MW
Long term capacity
100 MW
Site area - Greenfield
1 500 000 m2

About the area

Rural and sparsely populated area. 20 minutes from Koppang railway station and the main road between Oslo and Trondheim. 2,5 hours from Oslo Airport.

Arild Løvik, Site development director


  • Address Rendalen, Åkrestrømmen, Norway
  • Coordinates 61°42’49.4″N 11°13’31.7″E – EU89, UTM zone 33
  • Map:
  • Surroundings Mountain, naturally levelled glasiofluvial deposits & forest
  • Owned by Rendalen municipality, directly and through agreements


  • Site area 1,500,000 m2 (150 ha) greenfield
  • Topography Flat, max elevation 10 meters, 295 meters above sea level
  • Type of site Granite gravel
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Utilization 60%, equal to  900,000 m2 or 90 ha, based on roofed area
  • Construction Extremely easy deforestation, due to thin soil. The granite gravel ground is relatively flat and well suited for construction.


  • Short term potential (<6 months) 1 MW
  • Mid term potential (18 – 24 months) 10 MW
  • Long term potential (36 – 60 months) 100 MW*
  • Extra long term potential (60> months) 300 MW**
  • Grid 132 kV passing by site, 320 kV 13 km from site
  • Local hydro production capacity From Rendalen/ south 100 MW, from Savalen/north 62 MW (the latter only partly controlled by Nordavind/ Eidsiva)

*New substation 300-132 kV at Rendalen power plant will improve capacity (2026). Planned transformer 250 MVA.

**Necessary 300 kV line/cable to the desired location. Estimated time 5 – 10 years (investigate + implement).

For more information regarding electricity and grid capacity, contact us.


  • Fiber within 1 month 1 Gb/s (Eidsiva)
  • Fiber within 6 months Dark fiber 1 feed (Eidsiva)
  • Fiber within 1 year Dark fiber 2 feeds (Eidsiva). Telenor can probably also deliver dark fiber.
  • Operators Eidsiva broadband and Telenor
  • Connect EU Rendalen is very close to the Swedish border with connections directly to major international operators in Sweden as well as international connection through Oslo.


  • Regulations Regulated to datacenter use and industry. Ordinary building permits are required
  • Zoning Industrial zoning ready for construction
  • Road Yes, on site – New two lanes road with sidewalk and bridge will be financed and built by the municipality of Rendalen.
  • Water/Sanitation Yes, on site – new water/ sanitary at customer needs
  • Cooling water Exit water from hydro station, big lake and river
  • Building height There are no restrictions to building height


  • Highway 1 km from RV 30, 20 km from RV 3 (main road Oslo – Trondheim)
  • Access 2 km, existing road access to the site
  • Int. airport OSL Gardermoen, 150 minutes, 204 km
  • NationalAirport Roros, 120 min, 120 km
  • Train Koppang Station, Rørosbanen 20 km away

Our DC Sites

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