Our data center sites

  • Carbon neutral energy from 97 % renewable hydropower
  • Extremely stable grids: Your data center is supplied by both reliable national feeds and regional production
  • Power costs among the lowest in Europe, and grid cost the lowest in Scandinavia and Europe.
  • At least two independent, international feeds of dark fiber can be provided at all sites.


LocationMW (3M)MW (18M)MW (36M)Zoned area m2To OSL airport
Grundsetmoen9100200350.0001 h 10 min / 105 km
Heggvin0100200360.0001 h 04 min / 91 km
Krabyskogen135010095.0001 h 00 min / 80 km
Hagen1450100200.0001 h 20 min / 110 km
Rudshøgda sør9404073.0001 h 28 min / 107 km
Lalm102510042.0003 h 33 min/ 107 km
Tylldalen1251001.000.0003 h 34 min / 265 km
Tronbøl9154025.0000 h 42 min / 46 km
Slomarka91540150.0000 h 45 min / 52 km
Grue Industry Park101010200.0001 h 15 min / 95 km
Plassen51025200.0003 h 24 min / 271 km
Åkrestrømmen1101001.500.0002 h 35 min/ 204 km

Data center sites currently available

Site: Lalm

Site for power intense activity.

Site: Rudshøgda sør

Easy deforestation, central in the Mjøsa region.

Site: Slomarka

Relativly flat and suited for construction, close to OSL

Site: Tronbøl

Close to OSL and river

Site: Plassen

Central, but rural location.

Site: Grundsetmoen

Large site with access to four independent international dark fibers, and with potential for better grid capacity and connectivity. Good opportunities for re-using excess heat!

Site: Krabyskogen

Close to Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and one of the largest academic information and cyber security environments in Europe.

Site: Hagen

A former gravel pit with 100 MW on site and 4 dark fiber providers located near a large river.

Site: Grue Industry Park

Big site on river depositions with good connectivity. Industrial zoning ready for construction.

Site: Heggvin

Big site with potential for power supply up to 200 MW with three different providers of dark fiber.

Site: Åkrestrømmen

Spacious site on a glaciofluvial plain. Power supply up to 100 MW.

Site: Tylldalen

Spacious site. Power supply up to 100 MW.