Our data center sites

The key strengths the Nordavind greenfield locations for data center sites are:

  • Nearly unlimited access to energy from 100 % renewable hydropower.
  • Nearly unlimited space for your facility.
  • Extremely stable grids: Your data center is supplied by both reliable national feeds and regional production which allows us to provide over 200 MW of electricity.
  • Electrical costs among the lowest in Europe, and grid cost the lowest in Scandinavia and Europe.
  • Low taxes.
  • At least two independent, international feeds of dark fiber can be provided at all sites.

Data center sites currently available

Site: Alvdal

Central, but rural location.

Site: Elverum

A former gravel pit with 100 MW on site and 4 dark fiber providers located near a large river.

Site: Grue

Big site on river depositions with good connectivity. Industrial zoning ready for construction.

Site: Hamar

Big site with potential for power supply up to 200 MW with three different providers of dark fiber.

Site: Rendalen

Spacious site on a glaciofluvial plain. Power supply up to 100 MW.

Site: Sør-Odal

Big site on river depositions with good connectivity and industrial zoning ready for construction

Site: Tynset

Spacious site. Power supply up to 100 MW.