Facts about Østre Toten

Østre Toten is a municipality in Oppland county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Toten. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Lena. Our slogan is “Close enough by and far enough away”. Our vision is “Quality of life at the lake Mjøsa.” Østre Toten is the place for those who want to stay rural, yet central to job opportunities and a diverse culture and leisure.

Østre Toten is bordered to the west by Vestre Toten, to the north by Gjøvik in Oppland county, as well as by Hurdal and Eidsvoll in neighbouring Akershus county.

There is a big variety of businesses in Østre Toten, mostly in SMEs companies. There are approximately 3000 companies with a total of 5.195 employees. Faming is the dominating, and Østre Toten is Norway’s largest in vegetables grown on free land. In addition there are many packing facilities and food companies, who process vegetables. Other businesses are industry, construction, merchandising and transport companies.

Østre Toten is the host for three national businesses – Civil defence centres with 45 employees, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) including Center for Precision Agriculture with 46 employees (https://www.nibio.no/en/about-eng/addresses/eastern-norway/apelsvoll) and Norwegian Horse Center with 32 employees.

• Lena – Raufoss:: 21 km
• Lena – Gjøvik: 22 km
• Lena – Hamar: 66 km
• Lena – Lillehammer: 62 km
• Lena – Oslo: 110 km
• Lena – Gardermoen: 84 km

Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Gjøvik (NTNU)


There are 3950 students at NTNU Gjøvik, and they offer study programmes in:
• Applied computer Science (MSc and Ph.D.)
• Digital Infrastructure and cyber security (Bachelor)
• Engineering – Compute science (Bachelor)
• Information security (MSc and Ph. D)
• IT operations and information security (Bachelor)

Other study programmes are:
• Health and nursing
• Technology, economy and management

NISlab – Norwegian Information Security laboratory


NISlab is the information security section in the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). With around 60 affiliated persons from over 28 countries, NISlab constitutes one of the largest aca-demic information and cyber security groups in Europe. The group conducts international competitive research in several areas of information and cyber security, supervises Ph.D. research projects in the field and operates study programs in information security at Ph.D., M. Sc. and B.Sc. level. Furthermore, NISlab hosts the Center for Cyber- and Information Security CCIS and the national COINS Research School of Computer and Information Security.

CCIS – Center for Cyber and Information Security


Centre for Cyber and Information Security (NTNU CCIS) is a national centre for research, education and competence development within the area of cyber and information secu-rity. NTNU CCIS is a public-private partnership with 26 private and public partners from industry, academia, privacy, and security. NTNU CCIS will
• increase Norway’s cyber security capacity to meet our long-term security challenges
• develop cyber security competence in Norwegian agencies, companies, and academia
• be a professional support for our government in international discussions and commitments by bridging the information and cyber security knowledge gap in the society.

The center is supported by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the Ministry of Health and Care Services and is hosted and administrated by NTNUs Department of Information Security and Communication Technology (IIK). NTNU CCIS is member of the European Cyber Security Or-ganization (ECSO).

The Norwegian Center for Information Security


NorSIS is an independent organization and partner to the government, businesses and research facilities in the subject of cyber security.
NorSIS aids the Norwegian citizenry, businesses and public sector in creating a safe digital society. We achieve this through building awareness of threats and vulnerabilities, by providing in-formation on specific solutions and by influencing good attitudes and information security habits. NorSIS acts as an independent expert advisor and organiser of meeting places for businesses and organisations within the public, private and voluntary sectors.
The main target group for NorSIS is Norwegian enterprises in both the private and public sectors. Our activity is aimed especially at small and medium-sized private enterprises and local government as well as the individual citizen. NorSIS has a particular emphasis on collecting, organizing and disseminating knowledge about cyber security information that matters to our target audience.
Public-private partnerships are particularly important for NorSIS. We also cooperate with several international organizations, such as Europol – Ec3, and The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA).
NorSIS was first established as a project in 2002, and after evaluation, founded on February 2, 2010 by request from the Norwegian government. NorSIS has an elected board.

SINTEF Manufacturing AS


SINTEF Manufacturing is Norway’s leading centre of expertise in manufacturing. Our ambition is to create sustainable and effective solutions which provide competitive advantages for the Norwegian manufacturing industry. We have approximately 90 employees and are located in both Raufoss, Trondheim, Ålesund, Stavanger and Kongsvinger.
We provide expertise in automated production, product and production development, Lean, value chain management and material technology, as well as laboratory and engineering services. SINTEF Manufacturing offers industrial research and consulting, various types of courses and knowledge transfer from the academic world to the industry. All this at a high national and international level.

Norwegian Center of Expertise – NCE Raufoss


NCE Raufoss is an industrial cluster with the role as the national competence center for light-weight materials and automated production in Norway. The cluster has 17 company partners and the established network of collaborating aluminium related companies named TotAl-gruppen as a partner. In total the cluster counts some 5000 employees, approximately 700 mil-lion euro in turnover with an export ratio of more than 80 %.

One of the main pillars of NCE Raufoss is innovation through research and development. This has been a key building stone in the history of the regional industry and has got an even greater importance in NCE Raufoss. SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing AS plays an essential part in this work. Besides being the manager of NCE Raufoss the company has grown to be a substantial sup-plier of research to the Norwegian manufacturing industry. NCE Raufoss has built a portfolio of research projects which involve both the manufacturing industry and academia to help the industry cluster innovate continuously.

Raufoss Industrial Park


Raufoss Industrial Park with its more than 3000 employees is situated 120 km north of Oslo, and is through its 100 years of innovative history internationally well known as a supplier of diversified and advanced mechanical products. Today the park houses nearly 40 different companies which compete on the global markets serving the world’s most demanding customers.